Reap the benefits of a free on-site consultation

Get a complimentary consultation to plan your dream lawn or putting green

We know that many of our prospective clients have dreamed of the idea of installing artificial grass in some form at their home or business, only to talk themselves out of it for one reason or another. Perhaps they fear that such an undertaking will be cost prohibitive, or that they don’t have the right type of available space to house an artificial grass installation. Whatever the case, a free consultation is a great way to gain the knowledge you need when it comes to an artificial grass installation, and we’re happy to offer them to customers just like you!

We love meeting our customers on-site for consultations for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that it gives us a chance to take the lay of the land, if you will, and gain an idea of what your available space is all about in terms of size, shape, etc. Once we see your available space for ourselves, we can begin to imagine things from a design standpoint, and begin to get an idea for your vision, which will play a large role in the eventual design.

  • A consultation at your home or business is complimentary
  • We offer a number of synthetic turf products and installation options for you to choose from
  • We will work closely with you to create a design that speaks to your tastes and vision

Another great aspect of visiting you at your home or business is that it gives us a chance to answer any and all of your questions face to face. We want you to be informed on every level so that you are comfortable with your decision, and feel good about the process moving forward. We think you’ll find the process of designing and installing artificial grass at your home or business to be much easier and affordable than you previously may have believed.

Scheduling a consultation with Southwest Greens is easy. Simply call us or contact us online, and one of our associates will be happy to schedule a consultation with you at your convenience. It’s the first step in making the artificial grass installation you’ve dreamed of a reality!

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