5 Top Reasons to Install an Artificial Turf Putting Green

Artificial putting turf in Hawaii.

Every golfer knows that improving their short game is the fastest way to perfect their golf skills. That’s where Southwest Greens Hawaii comes in. We bring state-of-the-art, artificial grass putting green designs right to your backyard. We’ve created an innovative putting green system designed to help golfers improve their play, elevate the look of any home and add unbeatable value to properties across Hawaii. Read the top five reasons you should let us transform your backyard into a resort-quality putting green paradise.

1.  Become a golf pro in your backyard

You don’t need to be at the golf course anymore to work on your short game. Our artificial grass putting greens are completely customizable to fit the existing design of your backyard and bear a striking resemblance in both look and feel to real golf grass. The most important feature to have in any backyard putting green design is consistency. Southwest Greens Hawaii has engineered a surface that mimics the grass from your favorite golf course. Experience all the best parts of the game of golf like:

  • Precision chipping
  • True ball rolls
  • Excellent shots of the green
  • Natural slow down characteristics
  • Realistic bounce

2. Invest in your game instead of gas

Investing in a fake grass putting green for your Hawaii home is well worth the cost when considering the long-term amount of money you get to save. You’ll be eliminating the cost of gas getting to and from the golf course. Similarly, there will be no wear and tear on your car, so you won’t have to spend money on additional vehicle repair and maintenance costs.

3. Save time on maintenance

Maintenance for your synthetic grass putting green is close to none. Taking care of your green is as simple as using a leaf blower to remove dust and debris or hosing off your area. Southwest Greens Hawaii recommends a scheduled maintenance appointment every 12-18 months to ensure your turf is performing as it should.

4. Skyrocket the value of your Hawaii home

A high-quality, artificial grass putting green is a desirable feature for homeowners in Hawaii. A backyard putting green boosts curb appeal and tells potential buyers that they will be responsible for less lawn maintenance. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous weather and stunning views, so homeowners will love the idea of having a built-in outdoor activity in their backyard.

5. Enhance the beauty of your Hawaii backyard

Owning a home in the gorgeous state of Hawaii means you are already surrounded by beauty. Why not install artificial putting turf that will allow you to enjoy the stunning scenery and spend quality time with friends and family? Boost your curb appeal by ten-fold and make your Hawaii home a true oasis.

Gone are the days of dealing with overcrowding or waiting at the golf course. Contact us today to get started on the ultimate home golf experience!

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