Five Tips to Improve Your Golf Putting

Backyard putting greens for beginner & advanced golfers

Golf tips to get you from your backyard putting green to the course

Get ready to improve your putting with these golf tips that you can practice right in your backyard. You’ll find advice on putting fundamentals, techniques, and drills to get you back in the game. Get ready to hit your backyard putting green and practice your putt with these 5 tips.

If you don’t have one yet, you can call Southwest Greens of Hawaii to install an artificial turf putting surface so you can practice your game. You’ll find high quality synthetic turf for commercial golf courses and residential golf greens.

Check Your Putter

Though buying a new putter for the sole purpose of improving your game is not recommended, the putter you use might not match your needs. When choosing a putter, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for your body type and build. Before moving on to the following tips, make sure that the putter you have is right for you.

The best way to do this is get a custom fitting from a professional. This will ensure that you have the best putter for you and improve your overall game.

Improve Your Putting Technique

Swinging a golf club takes more than brute strength. The skill behind a short game, and other important puts, is the use of gravity and controlling your power. When assessing your technique there’s three key points to look for:


Make sure your alignment is correct. Your club face should be pointed downward toward your target line. Your feet should be together and need to be parallel to the ball. Most importantly you need to square your shoulders.

Practice your golf stance in the mirror and see if there’s any areas you can improve.


While checking your stance, also look out for any unintended movement. Remember that gravity is your best friend during your swing. You want the putter head to fall naturally towards the ball without the added movement of your shoulders or arms.


When using the most common overlapping grip, make sure you align your club in your left hand correctly. It should create a diagonal line across your fingers before closing your hand around the club. Then position your right hand so that the pinky rests between your left index and middle finger.

You can also practice the 10 finger or interlocking golf grip to add power and control.

Focus on The Fundamentals

Fundamentals are key to any sport you play. In golf this means knowing where to aim, using distance control, and learning how to read the green. Keep the fundamentals in mind for every swing.

Eye Positioning & Aim

Remember to position your lead eye correctly when setting up the putt. Also make sure you’re aiming correctly for where you are on the course. For long putts over 20 feet it’s not ideal to aim directly at the pin. This is also true for breaking putts but will differ from 3-foot putts.

Distance Control

Practice your distance control by hitting different shots at various distances. Keep doing this with several of your clubs and keep your technique in mind.

Green Reading

Don’t forget to read the green correctly. Whether you choose to use a device or analyze the green on your own, make sure you’re getting a good read before you putt.

Work on your Set Up

You can easily work on your setup in your very own backyard, especially if you have a backyard putting green. The setup is extremely important so make sure you have it down before hitting the course. You can practice your set up by drawing a dark line on your artificial turf or tying a string and putting underneath it.

Practice Putting Drills

After you’ve reinforced your technique and refreshed your memory on the fundamentals, practice. There are several putting drills you can use to improve your putting game.

You can find a few of our favorites from Southwest Greens of New Mexico to help get you started:

Putting between tees

This drill can help you focus on your backswing

Clock putting drill

We love this drill to improve that 3-foot putt.

1-2-3 drill

This drill is a fantastic way to build up consistency.

The rubber band drill

You can use this drill to improve your accuracy when aiming at the ball.

Once you get these basic drills down and reinstate your confidence as a golfer, you can move onto more advanced drills for ball roll techniques.

There’s no better place to practice your golf technique, fundamentals, and putting drills than your backyard. Call Southwest Greens of Hawaii to install your artificial grass, and get started on improving your short game.

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