Residential Artificial Grass Installation in Hawaii

Professional Artificial Grass Landscaping for Your Hawaii Home

Southwest Greens Hawaii has an experienced crew that takes pride in ensuring your installation experience is first class. Our residential artificial grass products are made from utilizing the latest in artificial grass technology. You will love the realistic look and soft feel of our synthetic grass. Reach out to us today to get a free consultation to elevate the landscaping of your Hawaii home!  

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Why Choose Us For Your Hawaii Backyard Landscaping Project?  

Get the look and the feel of natural grass without the cost of maintenance! Southwest Greens Hawaii is a proud provider of some of the best residential artificial grass on the market. We use only the highest-quality artificial turf that simulates the rich green color and softness of natural grass. Our products truly look and feel like the real thing! Cut your water bills, stop spending money on fertilizers and lawn maintenance, and get artificial grass from the leader in the industry: Southwest Greens Hawaii! See the top reasons why we are the most trusted artificial grass installation company in Hawaii:  

  • Wide-Variety of Installation Choices 

Our grass products work well for both residential and commercial applications. Do you have a park, college campus, fitness center, restaurant, or other commercial building that needs an artificial grass landscaping makeover? Southwest Greens Hawaii has been used for professional sports practice complexes, office building grass areas, schools, and more. All Hawaii landscaping installations are completed by our experienced installation team. If you prefer, you can also optin to self-installation, which will be guided by our staff. 

  • Unbeatable Pricing 

Our artificial grass offers Hawaii homeowners the look of high-end, luxury landscaping services at an affordable cost. Our prices are only matched by our outstanding customer service. Our helpful team members will work with you to design and implement a landscaping plan within your budget, so you can be happy with your results. Now that’s value! 

  • Low-Maintenance 

Best of all, you save money on hiring someone to take care of the yard maintenance. This low-maintenance, high-quality grass product is a great option for any landscape design! Our product is pet-friendly and is also safe for children. There’s no need to worry about allergies because our products are free of harmful chemicals. Our artificial grass products are also durable, which means you can relax and not worry about wear and tear. Our 10-year warranty is proof that our grass is made to last. Save money on lawn maintenance while providing a great look for your commercial building or residential home. 


Our Artificial Grass Landscaping Process 

At Southwest Greens Hawaii, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a comprehensive installation service. We understand that upgrading to artificial grass for your Hawaii home is a significant investment, which is why we are here for you every step of the way. Our expert team provides valuable insight into our installation process so that there are no unexpected surprises. We work with you to stay well within your budget and complete our work in a timely manner! 

Our Hawaii Landscaping Work 

Hawaii residents choose Southwest Greens Hawaii for a reason: we ensure you are satisfied with the product and the installation. You can rest easy knowing that our team is here for you during every step of the process and for years after! We are confident you cannot find better artificial grass products on the market. See our work first-hand!  


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 Don’t get just any synthetic grass for your Hawaii home; invest in the quality that comes with Southwest Greens artificial grass. Contact us to bring your dream space to life today!

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