Artificial grass playground turf installation in Hawaii

The Benefits of an Artificial Playground Turf Installation in Hawaii

In Hawaii, the popularity of artificial grass for commercial playground locations, such as public parks and beach front play areas, is on the rise. Many old playgrounds feature unappealing play surfaces that lead to injuries caused by falling from a swing, slide or other piece of play equipment you would find on a jungle gym. states that playground surfaces such as “concrete, asphalt and blacktop are unsafe and unacceptable,” and that grass can also be hazardous due to poor weather conditions and everyday wear and tear that will lessen its ability to soften a child’s fall.

With statistics such as these, it is no surprise that the typical cement, gravel and woodchip playground floor surfaces are being replaced by safer flooring options in many states. In most cases, synthetic grass applications are softer and more versatile than other playground surface alternatives.

Thanks to technological advances in the synthetic grass turf industry over recent years, the less than attractive, synthetic turf flooring options of past that you may have found in public playground areas has now been replaced with state-of-the-art artificial grass applications. Here are three of the most obvious benefits that artificial playground turf products from Southwest Greens Hawaii offer over other play area flooring materials.

  1. The Design: Our artificial playground grass turf is IPEMA and ASTM fall height certified and meets all federal regulations. It is constructed with extra padding in the base infill, decreasing the potential for injuries such as bruises, grazes, cuts, and skinned knees. Our turf is also lead-free and can be custom-designed to feature slopes and contours, so you can create a fun playground environment that isn’t necessarily all flat and level. In addition, our artificial grass applications are resistant to the fungi and bacteria that you find on real lawns. Last of all, our turf boasts quick-drain capabilities to remove excess water and prevent puddles from forming, meaning that children will not slip and fall in mud-spattered and/or wet spots when running.
  1. The Eco-Friendly Benefits: The synthetic grass applications we create and install in commercial playgrounds are environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable. Our artificial turf does not need to be mowed, edged, raked, or re-seeded, saving you time and effort in the long run, as well as saving money on your water bills. Also, it does not require the use of fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers, or other chemical products to keep the area looking immaculate. Finally, parents and children who suffer from pesky and long-lasting grass allergies will be delighted to hear that our synthetics make allergies a thing of the past!
  1. The Visual Appeal: Our synthetic playground grass and landscaping turf products feature the same undeniably beautiful and eye-catching aesthetics every single day, no matter the climate or time of year. No more lifeless, yellow or patchy grass areas – just an always-green and lush playground with soft, clean, attractive turf surfaces.

After years of research and development, our skilled Hawaii artificial playground turf designers have perfected the look and feel of synthetic grass installations that effortlessly replicate the appearance and performance of real grass. Our high-quality synthetic grass applications do not need regular maintenance or repairs to keep the surface looking pristine and, most important of all, they are much safer for children and parents to enjoy together than playgrounds with woodchip, concrete or gravel flooring.

The professional installation team at Southwest Greens is proud to have created durable artificial grass products for playgrounds in Hawaii that reduce the possibility of serious injuries. Schools, daycares, parks, apartment complexes, and even residential locations are now choosing to make the transition to synthetic grass flooring. Call our team today or contact us online for more information!

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